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Version 1.5

    What is it ?

        WWWAdverts is a system for maintaining a set of random banner ads display
    on your site. Banners're displayed on your pages with SSI or PHP calls.
    Multiple "Options" can be established, allowing certain banners to appear
    only on certain pages (with Keywords) or with the visitor language.
    WWWAdverts keeps track of exposures / clicks for each banner, as well
    as of the average total number of exposures / clicks. And you can allow
    a sponsor to see stats of his banners (use a password protect).
    It should be use on server with Server Side Include (SSI).

    Nota : Since the version 1.01, adverts data file format and logs format,
    have been change, you should update it...

    System Requirements:

        - Perl 4.0 or newer; you can get it at http://www.perl.com/
        - A web server, you must have access to add / execute CGI scripts.
        - Optional a web server with PHP.

    Download current version

        Current version is v1.5, created 05/30/98, last modified 05/30/00.

        Download source code / scripts and documentations :
             Tar/Gzip archive : WWWAdverts.tar.gz (0 Ko)
             DOS Zip format   : WWWAdverts.zip (0 Ko)

    What this archive contains ?

        This archive comes with 12 differents files:
            1) COPYING:       Copyright informations (GPL).
            2) README:        This file.
            3) LISEZMOI:      French doc...
            4) WWWAdvertsLib.pl: Lib for use WWWAdverts.
            5) WWWAdvertsSSI.cgi: Display Adverts
            6) WWWAdvertsClicks.cgi: Count clicks
            7) WWWAdvertsAdm.cgi: Administrative Display
            8) cgi-lib.pl:    CGI-Lib of Steven E. Brenner used here..
            9) Adverts.txt:   Adverts Data File.
           10) AdvEx_Log.txt: Exposure count file.
           11) AdvCl_Log.txt: Clic count file.
           12) password.txt:  Password file.

    Installation and Configuration:

        It's a Perl script, so installation is pretty easy. You don't need to
    compile anything.

    Copy *.cgi and *.pl in your /cgi-bin/ directory.
        Copy *.txt in your data directory
        Make it executable, unix only (chmod a+rx *.cgi)
        Make writable data file, unix only (chmod a+rw *.txt)

    You will have to do some configuration:

    Edit All CGI Scripts (*.cgi) and change #/usr/bin/perl, if it's

    Edit WWWAdvertsLib.pl and change  "Necessary Variables Section"

    my ($datadir) = "/Absolute/path/to/data/";
            # Path of your data dir
            $AdvertDataFile = $datadir."Adverts.txt";   # Name of adverts data file
            $AdvertExLogFile = $datadir."AdvEx_Log.txt";# Name of expose log file
            $AdvertClLogFile = $datadir."AdvCl_Log.txt";# Name of click log file

    $DISPLAY_LANG = 'En'; # Administration display in english
            $EXIT_URL = '/';     # Url to back after clik on exit button.
            $WEBMASTER_EMAIL = 'you@yourdomain.com'; # E-Mail of Webmaster.

            $PASSWORD_FILE = '/Absolute/path/to/password.txt'; #path to password.txt

    User should be declared Admin into WAccess password file to change
            Universal passord, if you have lost your Login/passord, Change it...
            $UnivLogin = "FTLS";            # Change it...
            $UnivPassword = "www.ftls.org"; # Change it...

    How to run it ?

        Use Adverts Diplayer in a web page:
            Add in your page:
                <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/WWWAdvertsSSI.cgi?[Opt1]&[Opt2]"-->
                lg=fr   : Langue (De/En/Es/Fr) force Adverts to be in this language.
                kw=word : 1 Keyword.

    Use Adverts Displayer in a CGI Script:
                require "WWWAdvertsLib.pl";
                print &Adverts(time, $Lang, $Keyword);
                    time : Perl system date, should be modified (ex: time - 1) if
        you use more than 1 adverts on 1 CGI.
                    $Lang : Langue (De/En/Es/Fr) force Adverts to be in this language.
                    $Keyword : 1 Keyword.

    Use Adverts clicks counter:
            Add in your adverts line
            <A HREF="/cgi-bin/WWWAdvertsClicks.cgi?Value_Adverts&http://www.hostname.dom/page">Your Adverts</A>

    Use Guest Adverts Displayer:
            You can allow people to see their adverts stats : use WWWAdvertsAdm.cgi.
        If there're X same login/password, X good adverts will be displayed.

    Use Adverts Administrative Display:
            Goto: WWWAdvertsAdm.cgi (Select Administrator and type Login + password)
            or  : WWWAdvertsAdm.cgi?login=YourLogin&pass=YourPassword
            if you have a protect administrative page.
            Rq: Default login is admin, Default password is admin.

    -> Print Adverts informations...
            Rq: into Expos. and clicks colls, data are 1111 (+120) -> 1111 Exposures
        from the beginning and 120 today.

    Add/Edit a Adverts:
            Name: Name of Adverts
            Your Comment : Little text to help you, for example contact name and mail
        of your advertiser..
            Guest Account : Login and password for guest Adverts Displayer:
            Running (Run/Stop): if adverts is displayed or not.
            Multipl: increase by X, chance to display this adverts.
            Date Begin: First Add
            Date End / Max Hist: End of display adverts
            Langue: Display it only if visitor has this Langue.
               (Only Fr, En, De, Es) / All for all
            Langue / Keyword: Display it if Langue AND Keyword / Langue OR Keyword.
            kerword: Display this advert only if Query have this keyword.
            OS: Display this adverts only if visitor use this OS.
            Adverts: HTML Code of Adverts.
                You can Add in the HTML code:
                        if you use WWWAdverts Count Clicks
                    'Value_1000Random' (Generate a random number 0-1000)
                    'Value_100Random'  (Generate a random number 0-100)
                    'Value_10Random'   (Generate a random number 0-10)
                        if your Sponsor can change ads with a random number.
                    %%Other%% to separate banner, if you have more than 1 for this

    Use PHP adverts displayer:
            Add this code into your PHP pages :

    Edit WWWAdverts-display.php3 and change $data_dir var:
                $data_dir  = "/Absolute/path/to/data_dir/"

    Version history:

        Version 1.5         30/05/00  - Update
                                          - Add WWWAdverts-display.php3
                                          - Suppress cariage return at end of banners.

    Version 1.3         15/01/00  - Update
                                          - Add multi-banner option for 1 sponsor option.
                                          - Add Max clicks test.
                                          - Correct a minor bug about guest account stats.

    Version 1.2         26/12/99  - Update
                                          - Add guest account.
                                          - Change password protector system.
                                          - Correct minor bug.

    Version 1.1         15/09/99  - Update
                                          - Add today Exposures and clicks.
                                          - Add french Administratif text.

    Version 1.02        ??/09/99  - Update
                                          - Add OS chose.
                                          - Correct little bugs.

    Version 1.01        ??/06/99  - Not distributed...
                                          - Add Max hits and end date.
                                          - Add look logs files.

    Version 1.0            05/30/99  - Archive Created.


         Thanks to Mark Sorensen, http://www.TheOpportunitySpot.com/ for bugs report
    and good suggestions.


        This software is copyright (C) 1999 Frederic TYNDIUK. It is distributed
    under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Because it is licensed
    free of charge, there is NO WARRANTY, it is provided AS IS. The author can not
    be held liable for any damage that might arise from the use of this software.
    Use it at your own risk.
        See the file COPYING for more details (or http://www.gnu.org/).

    Updates ?

        Latest version and New Scripts can be found at:



        Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, bug fixes
    criticism, or just a happiness messages.

    If you run into any problems while trying to configure these scripts
    first read this file carefully, if you don't find any solution, send me a Mail.

    E-Mail: tyndiuk@ftls.org
        Web: http://www.ftls.org/

                                                      Frederic TYNDIUK


© Copyright 2000 FTLS (Tyndiuk Frédéric). All rights reserved.
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