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Version 1.1

    What is it ?

        Guestbook is a classical script who visitor can write some word...

    System Requirements:

        - Perl 4.0 or newer; you can get it at http://www.perl.com/
        - A web server, you must have access to add / execute CGI scripts.

    Download current version

        Current version is v1.1, created 05/30/99, last modified 06/30/99.

        Download source code / scripts and documentations :
             Tar/Gzip archive : Guestbook.tar.gz (0 Ko)
             DOS Zip format   : Guestbook.zip (0 Ko)

    What this archive contains ?

        This archive comes with 6 differents files:
            1) COPYING:      Copyright informations (GPL).
            2) README:       This file.
            3) LISEZMOI:     French doc...
            4) gestbook.cgi: The Perl script.
            5) guestbook.html: file will contain guestbook entries.
            6) cgi-lib.pl:   CGI-Lib of Steven E. Brenner used here.

    Installation and Configuration:

        It's a Perl script, so installation is pretty easy. You don't need to
    compile anything.

    Copy gestbook.cgi, cgi-lib.pl in your /cgi-bin/ directory
        Make it executable, unix only (chmod a+rx gestbook.cgi)

    Edit gestbook.cgi, you will have to do some configuration:

    Change #/usr/bin/perl, if it's necessary...

    Change in "Necessary Variables Section"

    $GuestBookURL = "http://www.hostname.dom/dir/guestbook.html";
        URL of Guestbook.

    $GuestBookReal = "/Absolute/path/to/guestbook.html";
        Real path of Guestbook.

    $Motif = "<!-- Value_Add_Comments -->";
            # The next Comments will be insert here...

    @Referers    = ("http://www.host1.dom", "http://www.host2.dom");
            # URL(s) of serveur you can use this script.

    $WebmasterEMail = "webmaster\@hostname.dom"; # Webmaster E-Mail.

    %UsersMessages = ("InvData", "FTLS's Guestbooks<BR>Invalid Submit data",
             "Thanks" , "FTLS's Guestbooks<BR>Thank You For Signing The Guestbook",
             "Back"   , "Back");
        # If you want, you can change all messages, edit it's...

            $UseLog = 0;      # Use Log File ? 1 = YES; 0 = NO
            $LogFile = "/Absolute/path/to/GuestBook-Log.txt";
            Configure this if you want logs users...

    Edit guestbook.html to change look, and
    <FORM ... ACTION="http://www.hostname.dom/cgi-bin/gestbook.cgi">
        Do not delete the line <!-- Value_Add_Comments --> from this guestbook,
    or else the script will have no way of knowing where to begin the editing.

    How to run it ?

        go on http://www.hostname.dom/dir/guestbook.html

    Version history:

        Version 1.1         06/30/99  - Script Updated
                                            - Add security tips.
                                            - Add French comments
                                            - Add %UsersMessages

    Version 1.0         05/30/99  - Script Created.


        This software is copyright (C) 1999 Frederic TYNDIUK. It is distributed
    under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Because it is licensed
    free of charge, there is NO WARRANTY, it is provided AS IS. The author can not
    be held liable for any damage that might arise from the use of this software.
    Use it at your own risk.
        See the file COPYING for more details (or http://www.gnu.org/).

    Updates ?

        Latest version and New Scripts can be found at:



        Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, bug fixes
    criticism, or just a happiness messages.

    If you run into any problems while trying to configure these scripts
    first read this file carefully, if you don't find any solution, send me a Mail.

    E-Mail: tyndiuk@ftls.org
        Web: http://www.ftls.org/

                                                      Frederic TYNDIUK


© Copyright 2000 FTLS (Tyndiuk Frédéric). All rights reserved.
Last Update 08/03/2000 - Send all comments to webmaster@ftls.org